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28 May Posted by in Kunundrum | Comments

Kunundrum is a Google Play Staff Pick!

Well it’s been an exciting weekend for us over at Hope This Works Games, as our first title got a nice little feature and Staff Pick on Google Play.  We would like to thank everyone who has picked it up so far and given us their support!  We are still hard at work on wrapping […]


17 Apr Posted by in General, Kunundrum | Comments

Google Play and Kunundrum

Well Kunundrum is in Google’s QA process and hopefully it all goes well, and we will get a Feature with them!  Even if this doesn’t happen, it is still a very exciting thing to have happen for us and so far all our dealings with Google to fix up a couple small issues have been […]


28 Mar Posted by in Kunundrum | 2 comments

Kunundrum Solutions

We finally have all the solutions captured and up on YouTube, if you are stuck please pop on over and take a look!  In lesser news we are working fast and furious on a quick update with a few more levels, push notifications and most importantly a fix for the crash on the iPad 3! […]


15 Mar Posted by in General, Kunundrum | Comments

Stuck on a Kunundrum Level?

Hey All, If you are stuck on a level, and want to see how to finish up and get those 3 stars that have been eluding you, head over to our YouTube Channel and take a look at the solution videos we are posting.  Currently only 1-1 through 2-10 are up, but I’m working hard […]


06 Feb Posted by in General, Kunundrum | Comments

One Million Times Played? CHECK!

Kunundrum has reached another milestone of being played over 1 million times!  That is pretty exciting, and I thought I would share the news and thanks with everyone!  We are hard at work on our new title, so stay tuned, it shouldn’t be too long now! Tweet This Post


21 Jan Posted by in General, Kunundrum | 2 comments

Kunundrum is live on Android Market!

It took us a little while, we had to trim a few things out and move a couple bits and bytes around here and there, but we are finally live on the Android Marketplace!  The game can be found here.  Same great price of $1, less then a cup of coffee these days, and will […]


21 Jan Posted by in General, Kunundrum | Comments

Mikes Crazy Apps Reviews Kunundrum Lite

Hey All! Mike, over at Mikes Crazy Apps has done a review of our Kunundrum Lite App.  Please feel free to head on over and give it a read and check out the video!  The review can be found here.  If you want to go and get the Lite version the app store link can […]


13 Jan Posted by in General, Kunundrum | Comments

A review: reviews Kunundrum

We have had another review come in from overseas this time Germany, and I must say I am stoked with the warm reception we have had from Europe on a whole.  They really seem to be enjoying the game on the other side of the pond. One small thing I feel I should mention here […]


10 Jan Posted by in Kunundrum | Comments


Wow!  We broke 150,000 downloads this week!  That is huge for a little start up like this, and we most definitely could not have done this without all your help!  As thanks we are going to be releasing a rolling bonus pack so to speak, we’ll have 10 new levels to start, and be bringing […]


09 Dec Posted by in Kunundrum | Comments

Small Kunundrum Updates

Hello All, We have a couple small things to post on, we have a very small update to Kunundrum that is coming out, just fixes a small bug, and has some minor performance improvements.  As well we also have a Lite version that has just come out, it has the first 10 levels of the […]